Neural Movement Coaching Giveaway!


As many of you know, I am a few weeks (or a month, depending on my schedule) away from launching my online neural movement coaching.

Building up to this, I have decided to have a giveaway! - I will be giving away 5 neural movement coaching sessions ($99 value). Each session will be about 60 min.

Enter to win 1 of 5 Neural Movement Coaching Sessions! 


What is Neural Movement Coaching?  

Neural movement coaching, as you may have guessed, applies the latest breakthroughs in neurology and exercise to pain management, athletic performance, and overall wellness. Get stronger, get faster, get out of pain, or achieve any other goal you have by targeting your nervous system.

This is all about not settling. Not settling for chronic pain. or fatigue, or having to choose between being in pain and exploring movement. The body is capable of healing and performing in ways that you could only have imagined, provided you respect it and support it as it needs. I am here to provide you with the tools to do so. 

Read a bit more about this here .  You can also watch this video.

Learn about my coaching principles here


Why am I doing this? 

If you're thinking. Holy! Why would someone give up so much of their time? Here is the answer:

To troubleshoot the online modality of my neural movement coaching

To give back, in gratitude for all that I have been given. 

To be of service. 


Additional Guidelines:

- You will need to have access to a tablet or laptop, in a room with space enough for you to move

- You will need to fill out my intake form (a link will be emailed to the winners).

- Availability for the online sessions should be on weekday mornings, as well as Fri and Sat flexible hours. 

Winner selection:  

I will select 5 contestants based on their responses to the three questions listed in the widget. The winners will be contacted via email. Sessions will need to be used by 60 days from the ending of the contest. Winners have 48 hours to respond to the email, otherwise another winner will be selected.

Once we have our session/intake together, I would of course appreciate you writing a testimonial, though it is not necessary.  

Please share!

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