Cherry Thyme Cocktail


What better way to celebrate a busy Tuesday than with a delicious home made cocktail, and some quality time with your loved one?

The addition of thyme to this recipe really brings out the flavour of the cherries, and the lemon adds just the right hint of tartness. (Run over to get some cherries at your local farmer's market!)

If you have an adverse reaction to alcohol, like I did for many years during my digestive rehabilitative protocols, feel free to enjoy this recipe sans the liqueur.

For those of you are surprised to see a cocktail recipe on this site, remember that balance is key in wellness. Of course, whether having a cocktail contributes to balance or not for you depends on your circumstances. Learn more about my perspective on moderation in this post. Bottom line, it is all very individual!

This drink would also go very well paired with some home made vanilla ice cream.

Just saying...


TIME: 5 min


1/4 cup cherries, pitted and halved (about a handful) 

2 tbsp raw cane sugar (or coconut sap sugar if you prefer) 

2 shots pomegranate liqueur (like PAMA)

2 shots organic cherry juice concentrate

juice of 1 lime

2 springs thyme

sparkling water


1. Halve and pit cherries. Place in a large glass with sugar, and lime juice. Crush cherries thoroughly, and mix well.

2. Add liqueur, and cherry juice. Continue mixing well. 

3. Rise thyme springs, and submerge in the liquid in the glass. Allow to sit for 3-5 min. 

4. Fill remaining space in the glass with sparkling water, then add ice. 

5. Mix, and serve! (You can either leave the thyme in the drink, remove it , or place at the top of the glass for decoration.)