Wascally Wabbit Stew


This recipe was originally posted on sexfoodandkettlebells.com, Nov 6 2012.

TIME: 15 min prep, 2.5 hours cooking

YIELD: serves 6


1 whole rabbit

3 large portabella mushrooms, chopped

5 large organic garlic cloves, minced

1 large Vidalia onion, chopped

2 cups organic leeks, chopped

3 turnips, chopped

1 parsnip, grated

1L chicken stock (or beef)

1L water (or if you have it, 2L stock)

6 tbs grass-fed butter

2 tsp Himalayan sea salt (or to taste)

2-3 tsp black pepper (to taste)

1 tsp basil, dried

2 tsp oregano, dried

3 bay leaves

dash cayenne pepper


1. Prepare onion, leeks, mushrooms, garlic, turnips, and parsnip. Set aside in separate bowls.

2. Clean rabbit thoroughly, and cut into pieces. (Mine still had its kidneys and liver - just throw those in the stew!)

3. In a large stock pock on med heat, melt 3 tbs butter, and add rabbit meat. Sprinkle with 1 tsp sea salt and 1 tsp black pepper, and allow to brown. When browned, remove and place in a bowl and set aside.

4. In the same stock pot, add remaining 3 tbs butter to the drippings and add garlic, leeks, and onions. Toss until softened (about 10 min).

5. Add remaining spices (basil, oregano, sea salt, pepper), and the mushrooms. Continue cooking for another 5 min.

6. Add turnips, parsnip, stock and water, and increase the heat to bring mixture to a boil.

7. Once the mixture has hit a boil, add rabbit meat, and keep at a boil for 2-3 min.

8. Decrease heat, and cook covered on a simmer for 2 hrs.

9. Remove from heat, and serve.

10. If you're up for it, you can also save the bones, and use them to make another base broth.

*Note: if you prefer, you can remove the rabbit meat from the bones at two stages in this recipe: (1) right after browning, and (2) upon completion of the stew. In this case, we kept them in as we didn't mind them, and cooking with the bones ensures the stew is nice and gelatinous. But it is up to you!

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