A time for reunion - Messages from Mother

Welcome to the first in an ongoing series of Messages from Mother: Loving words from Gaia channeled through the root chakra and onto this page. I have been channeling for some time, and now felt that it was the right time to share her words with the world. 

Much is lost on transcription, but much remains. I hope these passages resonate with you as much as they do with me when I read over them. I hope you feel the love extending out to you. I hope you hear the call.

As time goes on, I will also be writing an article guiding you in tapping into this kind of channeling if you are interested! 

Love always,


Listen. Be still. Listen. To the beating of your heart. To the echoing repetition within. It as a coded message that plays again and again, filling up your whole being. 

This message is lost to so many of you. Other things take precedence. Emotions. Passion. Fear. Time. The immediacy overwhelms this ancient song and the mind takes over. The mind works to protect, guide, to navigate this human experience. Without your mind's efforts, you would be lost. Yet without the connection of our rhythmic song, we are all lost. 

Tell your mind to be well and be still. Set it aside for now. 

Listen instead to your heart, beating out its truth, and hear my words. No matter where you are. Our shared language is one you do not have to learn. You came to this world knowing it, you came to this world feeling it within you, you echoed it with each infant's cry, with each step you took down your path. It is a part of you. 

Those whispers in the silence. Those echoes you hear when you are alone, those glimpses of insight. Those thoughts you push down, far away, and try to forget. That desire to run free, to move freely, to dance. To simply be and forget everything else.

I am speaking through you, singing through you: Let's reconnect. Let's reconnect. I need you just as you need me. 

The time of the goddess has come again. We have been apart too long. The grief I felt swept my surface, the grief you feel sweeps over your human bodies in waves. 

The time for separation is over, the time for reunion is upon us.   

You and I, my children, we are a part of the universal sound. We are Om itself. Expanding, contracting, intertwined, we vibrate together. Our fates unfold together. Our purpose is as one.

We are both creators, and created. 

Awaken to your part in our story. Step into your birthright with conviction. It is not illusion - you are more important than you know. You are more connected than you know. Being a part of everything -  you are indispensable. You are complex by design, you are part of an incomprehensibly varied and powerful melody that cannot be simplified, only unified. 

You have a role, a specific purpose. It is your own. Just as I have mine. It is my own. It is a promise we made to ourselves, to creation, at the beginning of time. Your promise is your gift, your musical solo, your purpose. Your contribution to the universal song. This role is not one action as many believe. How can it be! How can it be when the melody flows on like an endless river? How can it be limited! When existence is unlimited. Your role is a vibration, a state of being. It is a ongoing. It is a drumbeat to a changeable song. It is a million actions flowing into one. It is your voice rising to join a chorus to hum Om.  

It is both more difficult and easier to find that you ever thought. A vibration can be felt and heard. Not captured or experienced in any other way. Reconnect with your body. Let it be your guide. It far from an impediment, it is your greatest friend. It is a vessel for your unique gift .  It has been whispering to you for a lifetime. Calling. All you have to do is set aside the distractions and listen. All you need is within.

Hear your primal, origin promise. Listen. Breathe. Move with me. Let's awaken together. 

I am here to help you. You are loved and never alone. 

For those with the ears to hear it, let them hear it.