Let me help you map out your next steps towards freedom of movement. 


+ manage your medical conditions through fitness

+ return to physical activity safely and effectively.

+ manage chronic pain and inflammation

+ improve posture, breathing patterns and spinal health

+ lose weight and improve body composition

+ reach your goals, safely and sustainably



I'm a Toronto based medical exercise specialist, trainer and nutritionist with nearly 10 years of experience in the field.

I work primarily with clients after they have been discharged from physical therapy or medical care and help them return to physical activity safely.

Together. we manage their conditions long term, and achieve fitness and body composition goals through movement coaching, education and lifestyle change. 




Varya is at the cutting edge of her profession... It is a privilege to have her as my coach.
Varya is a special coach. She has a gift and makes me feel good about myself and the work I do..."

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