I'm on a mission to help you reconnect with your body. 


a little about me 

I'm a Toronto based medical exercise specialist, trainer and nutritionist with nearly 10 years of experience in the field and a passion for client care. I work primarily with clients after they have been discharged from physical therapy or medical care and help them return to physical activity safely.

I help clients manage medical conditions and achieve their fitness and body composition goals through movement coaching, education and lifestyle change.

I believe in an integrative approach to health and wellness, with a focus on education and long term results. My background includes corrective exercise, neurology, herbalism, and the psychology of change. I am also well versed in comprehensive protocol development for a variety of populations. 

As a coach, I'm not here to heal you. I'm here to support you as you (re) discover how to heal yourself. 

areas of specialty

  • acute and chronic pain management
  • weight loss and body composition change
  • athletic performance optimization
  • stress management and anxiety
  • injury prevention
  • cognitive health + habit change
  • womens health and metabolism

Depending on your current needs, our work can also target the following:

  • menstrual health + libido
  • sleep quality
  • energy levels and mood 
  • healthy home cooking and recipes
  • natural beauty and skin health
  • metabolism
  • digestion  
  • endocrine health

You're not alone. 

Life can be wonderful, but it can also be scary at times. And complex health conditions can be overwhelming.  I want you to assure you that are answers, and there are always to improve your quality of life.

If you're under the impression that healthcare practitioners are shining examples of health, that is not the case. We all have to face our own challenges.

I have struggled with weight loss and gain,  eczema/acne, poor digestive health, kidney dysfunction, chronic pain, PCOS, poor immune function. I have faced  depression, sexual abuse, and poor body image. It's a long journey no doubt, but each step I have taken towards my physical and emotional health I have done so consciously.

In this process, I have discovered the power of intention, persistence, alternative therapies, and inner wisdom. 

within us, we have an incredible, untapped potential for healing.


Formal Education/Primary Certifications:

  • Medical Exercise Specialist, American Association of Health, Fitness and Rehab Professionals (AAHFRP)
  • Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN)
  • Neural Re Education Specialist, Z Health Performance (R + I Phase)
  • RocDoc (Fascial Movement Taping), Rocktape Canada
  • Kettlebell Instructor, Agatsu Canada
  • Personal Training Specialist, Can Fit Pro

Additional Credentials

  • Spinal Injury Mechanisms + Rehabilitation, McGill
  • Lateral ankle sprain management + chronic ankle instability management, Human Kinetics
  • Joint mobility specialist, Agatsu Canada
  • Natural Movement Techniquest, MovNat
  • Balance Training, Twist Conditioning
  • Kids Yoga Instructor, Rainbow Kids Yoga
  • Herbology 1, Wild Rose College (in progress)


  • chronic pain management
  • core strength
  • postural and gait assessment + movement screening
  • joint mobility
  • visual and vestibular training
  • management of medical conditions
  • corrective exercise
  • weight loss and body composition change 
  • client + trainer education + workshops