Varya is at the cutting edge of her profession.”

Her consuming interest in health and overall well-being, her focused attention to her clients and her continued course work specializing in neural health education have made her an outstanding professional. I worked with her for over three years. During this time, she has improved my balance, taught me specific movements to eliminate pain and helped me to grow - literally. I have actually increased my height by an inch. Varya has taken her profession beyond the usual scope. It is a privilege to have her as my coach.

— lyn

Varya is different from most other coaches.”

A huge part of how she works is making sure your body is safe. I think more coaches should put greater emphasis on this. She pushes me when I think I can't, but makes sure I don't hurt my body. She critiques positively and gives positive feedback. She always asks how I'm feeling, and is constantly educating herself with new methods and certifications. She gives me great tips and homework to do outside of session, and gives great advice.

— caitlin

I have worked with many coaches. Varya is knowledgeable, thorough, capable and above all she has a winning way with people. If you are serious about keeping your body healthy you couldn't ask for a better coach.

— karyn


Varya is a special coach. She has a gift and makes me feel good about myself and the work I do.”

 She gives me things to do that challenge me, and progress me as I go. She makes sure I work within my limits, and focuses on the areas I want to work with. She is always available if I have any questions. She really works during each session, and I know she is always watching and assessing as we are going along.  


Varya makes it easy for you to be motivated about taking control of your lifestyle.”

She encourages me to never give up. She is positive and accommodating. We need more people like Varya. She cares a lot about her clients and it shows. She loves what she does. She is always encouraging and positive.

— chris


Varya is truly an excellent coach. She is positive, uplifting, and every session we have together is time well spent.”

Her work does not just extend to her duties with you during session, but even after hours.  She is a supportive individual and is definitely passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, loving your body, and promoting wellness of the mind. I recommend her to all those seeking to embark on the natural, progressive journey to a healthier and active self. 

— tina