Wellness = good quality of life.

When we are well, we experience optimal health of body, mind, and spirit. It is not a static state, but rather a dynamic one - a homeostasis that fluctuates in response to change, accounting for our health history and current conditions. 

By supporting your body, mind, and spirit both scientifically and holistically - we will help you respond to the demands of your life and environment in efficient ways that reinforce this homeostasis and - put a smile on your face!

In our work together, I'm here to support and guide you.

Initially, we will go over your health history, trackers, and goals together in detail and together establish a game plan that will begin to address your concerns and lay the foundation for future progress. In our subsequent sessions, we will continue to assess and reassess, progress, and modify our approach to help you achieve your dreams and address any changing circumstances in your life.

I am a coach who works with clients by supporting them in their goals through a combination of cutting edge research, alternative therapies, and other techniques. Our approaches will always take into account your needs, schedule, health history, and desires.

It is not my aim to restrict you or create a punishing protocol for you. Rather, we are here to make lasting change, step by step that you can maintain over a long term basis. We will improve your quality of life and help you become more adaptable to stress and change, be it physiological, environmental, or emotional. 

guiding principles

These are at the heart of my  practice.

critical thinking

Many answers lie the crossroads of current research, intuition, and alternative strategies. Through regular assessment and re-assessment, these approaches can be refined, and their merit determined in your case. I will always encourage you to question, and monitor. Changing situations require changing strategies.

embracing complexity

I am not here to provide you a quick fix at the cost of long term health. Together, we will help you manage your condition - achieving your goals and surpassing them along the way. There is no easy button. That's ok. When you begin to embrace the complexity, you will begin discovering the answers you've been searching for.


You are unique. Your beliefs, health history, lifestyle, and your body. The approaches that we choose must be reflective of this, and tailored to you specifically. No matter the body of scientific literature or tradition on a technique, it has to be right for you in order to be effective and achieve the desired results. Our work together will honour your individuality. 


While employing critical thinking and qualitative and quantitative assessment measures, you will begin to develop your introception = you intuition and inner wisdom. By being mindful and present - we can tap into our bodies, and start on the path to becoming our own healers.