Paleo Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Marshmallows


This recipe was originally posted on, Dec 22 2012.

As many of you may have guessed already, I... love... chocolate. With a passion. And one of my favourite flavour combinations is actually raspberry and chocolate. 

- Varya

TIME: Prep 30 min, Set 4-6 hours


1 cup water

3 tbsp grassfed gelatin (ie. Great Lakes)

2/3 cup maple syrup

2/3 cup frozen raspberries, blended

1 tsp vanilla extract

Dark chocolate (soy, dairy, gluten free)


1. Grease a pyrex pan with butter, and then cut a large piece of parchment paper (so it goes over the edges. You will need this to lift the marshmallows out when they are finished). Cut another such piece, and place it in the opposite direction, leaving extra paper as well. Grease the top piece of parchment paper thoroughly.

2. In a large bowl, add gelatin, and 1/2 cup of water. Blend using a hand mixer until frothy, and white opaque colour (it will form peaks).

3. In a food processor, thoroughly blend raspberries and maple syrup until completely liquid.

4. Transfer syrup mixture to a pot on the stove, and add 1/2 cup water. Place a low heat, and let it reach a rolling boil. DO NOT RUSH the process by increasing the heat as the syrup will burn. This process will take about 25-30 min.

5. Once the syrup has reached a boil, remove any extra froth from the top, and remove from heat.

6. Recruit a partner: One person will pour the mixture at a slow steady pace into the bowl with the gelatin, while the other uses the hand mixer. Do not rush. (If you have a stand mixer, just turn it on, and pour at a steady pace.)

7. Keep mixing the marshmallow cream using the hand mixer for 15 min and until it has cooled to the touch. It will look frothy, and soft.

8. Pour mixture onto greased parchment paper, and set aside to cool for 4-6 hours. (I like to cover it with some parchment paper lightly during this time)

9. Once the marshmallows have set, remove them from the pan, and place them (parchment paper and all) on a cutting board.  Cut them to your desired size and shape, and place on parchment paper covered plate.

10. Place marshmallows in the freezer for 15-20 min.

11. Meanwhile, melt chocolate on a double boiler. Only when you are completely ready, remove the marshmallows, and dip half into the chocolate, and place back on the parchment sheet covered plate. This needs to be done QUICKLY (so recruit a friend) because the marshmallows will heat up rapidly to room temp and the chocolate will not stick at this point.

12. Trasfer completed marshmallows to the fridge, and allow the chocolate to set. (Approx 15-20 min)

13. Remove and serve! Store in a container in the fridge.