the things we lost in the fire


 written July 2014

the things we lost in the fire -
will not return

history cleansed.
laughter, tears and silence
burned together.
mutual memories
mutual possibilities
mutual paths

moments missed by minutes
hands clasped pulled apart by fate

le temps revient
we find each other
and then are ripped apart by war or birth or both. 

this will remain our story
echoed through lifetimes
until the promise is fulfilled
and we are whole

so do you work
wild bird
and so will I. 
i will paint beauty with the pain
and be transformed
stronger than before and more myself

perhaps you will see my work in the evening sky
or reflected in your heart
and you will know
peace and
feel the warmth of centuries of love.

for I am born of the flames-
and am on fire.
walk with me and we will rise.

- Varya